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Who Knows

Kore Productions will take to the stage with the Australian play Who Knows, a production based on the cultural phenomenon of Doctor Who and the fans who love it.

Director Kyle Stephens says the characters in the show are based on Doctor Who fans and their perception of the events unfolding around them.

“The whole show acts out as a Doctor Who episode in the minds of fans,” says Stephens.

“It is fan made and it is fan wanted.”

Switching between reality and fantasy, Who Knows tells the story of Russell Lambert, a loser who’s about to turn 30 and has a burning passion for Doctor Who, and his quest to save the world at a Doctor Who convention.

“It is a comedy, but there is a bit of love and drama in there as well,” Stephens says.

The show is perfect for Doctor Who fans, but will also be relatable to audiences who may not be as familiar with the show.

“People that don’t watch Doctor Who should be able to get this show as a stage play, the storyline makes sense to a non-whovian audience,” says Stephens. (SOC)

Jun 25-Jul 8, King Street Theatre, 644 King St, Newtown $22-35,


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