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The Volcano

From the producers of the phenomenally successful French film The Intouchables, comes The Volcano, a deliciously wicked romantic comedy.

When European airspace is closed owing to the eruption of an Icelandic volcano, divorcees Alain (Dany Boon) and Valerie (Valèrie Bonneton) embark on a wacky road trip from Paris to Greece, breaking all the rules to attend their daughter’s wedding.

The comedy is well paced, building from the couple’s mutual vindictiveness and the highly improbable scenarios and over-the-top nonsense that transpires.

Made to a proven formula, the abundance of laugh-out-loud moments and slapstick gags are intertwined with outrageous action sequences and the mesmerising scenic beauty of Europe.

Not an entirely original concept and highly clichéd, but The Volcano provides a pleasant alternative from the current wave of blockbusters. (MM)

***½ /5

Limited release

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