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Sea Legs

We’re told from an early age that patience is a virtue. If you’re anything like this girl, you’ll throw up your hand and admit that the message did not sink in. On the contrary for Central Coast collective Sea Legs.

“It’s been a steady, slow burner,” reflects vocalist Byron Knight, as he plugs away at his shopfront ‘day job’. “It has been testing at times, just because we have been playing for so long. But things are moving along quickly enough to keep us stoked. Especially lately, the way things are moving is pretty exciting!”

Hailing from the chilled-out town of Bateau Bay, Knight, Eli Milojkovic, Tim Andrews and Jacob Borg have been mates since boyhood. With a bond that stems from their fathers playing in bands together, it’s their fascination with melodious music that allows them the freedom to go wherever the creative vibes take them. Just take a look at their first EP We Do What We Do When We Do What We Do.

“The recording process was really casual; [we recorded] it in our kitchen and just did it over time. We probably had it finished in about 12 months,” admits Knight. “As a band, we’re heaps chilled. We’re probably too chilled. We’re all best mates, so getting stuff done can be a bit weird and a bit unnatural. But it’s also the beauty of it.”

Currently in the process of recording their follow-up release, Knight cannot stop gushing about just how “wonderfully” their second EP is shaping up with a sound that differs highly to the “raw slash garage sound” from their debut. With a bigger budget that now allows them to utilise the luxuries of a studio, it’s little milestones that keep the dudes hungry for success.

“We had a gig at Oxford Art Factory one night, and we were actually on a bit of a bender,” Knight remembers with a chuckle. “So we ended up kicking a ball around in Hyde Park at 6am. One of the guys put on Triple J on his phone and our song came on. We just got up and started losing our minds, it was so cool! I think getting played on Triple J is something that any Aussie band should be pretty happy about!” (CD)

Jun 12, Newtown Social Club, 387 King St, $30 (at the door),


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