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Rising From Ashes

Produced by Forest Whitaker, Rising From Ashes is an independent documentary following the stories of a group of young Rwandan cyclists who have been chosen to train and compete for their country in the Olympics.

Still suffering the effects of the genocide from 1994, when up to one million people were murdered during civil war, many of the affected managed to escape death on their push bikes. Team Rwanda is founded by American bike builder, Tom Ritchey, and US Cycling coach, Jonathan ‘Jock’ Boyer, who give the Rwandans new hope for recovery from their trauma.

An uplifting and truly moving story of hope, purpose and strength in the backdrop of the beautiful, hilly African countryside. The cinematography reveals an area of Africa that is often unseen. (LK)

**** /5


NB: Rising From Ashes will no longer be released in Sydney at this stage. It will open in limited release in Melbourne, Hobart, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra and Newcastle.

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