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Review – Brad Checked In

Photo: Katy Green Loughrey

Brad Checked In explores love and failed relationships in the age of Facebook. Middle-aged protagonist Brad is recently estranged from wife Maggie and decides to get back in the dating game via the internet.

The premise has potential to be relatable as there are lots of people in this exact situation. The internet is full of match sites and the awkward sidling back onto the market electronically after years of coupledom. But rather than explore the nuances of getting to know someone behind the shield of computers and smartphones, Brad Checked In offers nothing but soap opera plot and perspectives.

All three female characters seem to have no aspirations aside from hooking up with the male leads, and dither between being salacious temptresses or psychotic naggers. This play offers nothing but boring stereotypes, and neglects to deliver any meaningful insight into the relationship between social media and human interaction. (HC)

Until Jun 21, Old Fitzroy Theatre, 129 Dowling St, Woolloomooloo, $21-32, 1300 307 264,

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