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Good Vibrations

Set in bomb-blasted Belfast in the 1970s, Good Vibrations is based on a true story.

Terri Hooley (Richard Dormer), a radical, lefty anarchist opens a music store on the most bombed street in Belfast and attempts to start a record label.

Up against the establishment, local thugs and his own socialist father, Terri encapsulates the necessary political resistance and integrity to not only launch the underground punk scene, but also change the way people think and live.

Also starring comedian Dylan Moran, this is a well-edited film with good use of archive footage and music that also features the essential character of late DJ John Peel.

Good Vibrations has loveable characters and an engaging story with a good dose of nostalgia. The result is a feel-good film with lots of heart, reminding audiences of the power of community and music. (LK)



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