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Frente – Marvin The Album – 21st Anniversary Edition

It’s 21 years since Australia’s breeziest indie pop band, Frente, released Marvin The Album – and in 2014, it sounds as good as ever. Better, even – thanks to deft remastering and the inclusion of extra tracks.

Joining songs from the 1994 Australian release (including Ordinary Angels, No Time and Accidently Kelly Street) are tracks from international editions of the album, like the stunning acoustic cover of New Order’s Bizarre Love Triangle.

But wait, there’s more – the full Whirled and Clunk EPs, and several previously unreleased tracks, are also included. All of it overlaid by lead singer Angie Hart’s voice – surely one of the sweetest and most mellifluous voices in history. (PH)

**** /5

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