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A Million Ways To Die In The West

Albert (Seth MacFarlane) hates living in the old west. It’s 1882 and just about everything can kill you. His girlfriend (Amanda Seyfried) dumps him for the local moustachery owner (Neil Patrick Harris), his parents hate him and he is just the worst sheep farmer ever.

Enter Anna (Charlize Theron), a mysterious stranger with a shady past who quickly bonds with Albert and changes his life forever.

It is no secret that MacFarlane is a creative force of nature with a very specific sense of humour that audiences either love or hate. His latest movie is no different.

There are the usual, drawn out, see-the-punchline-coming-a-mile-away jokes that MacFarlane likes to do, but there are also some surprising and hilarious gems hidden within this piss-take of the western genre.

A strong supporting cast in Theron and Liam Neeson feed MacFarlane, and refreshingly, he is endearing as the lovelorn Albert. His chemistry with Theron is effortless and believable.

Towards the end it does become a little self-indulgent but overall A Million Ways To Die In The West is a clever comedy that audiences will enjoy. (LL)

*** /5

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