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Something To Be Done

Something to be Done is “one man searching for inspiration in a world that’s deteriorating of its artistic roots,” explains creator and performer Gabriel McCarthy – and it’s all done with no words.

Growing up watching the works of great physical comedians like Charlie Chaplin and Rowan Atkinson, McCarthy embraces the challenge of physical theatre. “They were able to tell great, memorable stories without using their voice,” says McCarthy.

It was a risk though to stage a performance with no words.

“Physical theatre is so unheard of in Australia, so untapped,” says McCarthy. However, like the artist he portrays who’s searching for his purpose in an uninspired world, McCarthy was compelled to “bring about something new and break away from the everyday stuff you see in theatre.”

He adds: “You hear about so many renditions of Shakespeare. There are so many plays done to death.”

So, he hopes that audiences will be open to this new type of theatre. For McCarthy, a performance without words is perhaps the greatest form of communication.

“There’s no barrier when it comes to physical theatre. Through the body and movement, it translates to any language really,” says McCarthy. “I think it goes far beyond words that I could put into a play.” (MT)

May 13-Jun 1, Upstairs Theatre, TAP Gallery, 278 Palmer St, Darlinghurst, $15-20, (02) 9361 0440,


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