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Angus Andrews is a highly eloquent and analytical individual. As vocalist and guitarist of electro-rock trio Liars, he’s across every facet of their existence with a refreshing passion for the intricacies of their music and image. But ask this Aussie ex-pat about the decision regarding their coming performance for food and music celebration Modulations, and it’s a fairly simple response.

“It was friends mostly who suggested it and family living nearby,” Andrews says. “I feel like this trip is really just a pop in to say ‘g’day’ and then we’ll be back later to get stuck in and play around.”

As a band with seven albums under their belt, they’ve maintained a career that has spanned over the best part of a decade, with Andrews remaining the only original member of the trio. But rather than the usual negative connotations, it’s a cathartic and huge motivator for the creative processes of Liars.

“I think mostly it has to do with constantly challenging ourselves to evolve,” explains Andrews. “I’ve never been comfortable revisiting ideas and so each time we make a record it feels like a brand new experience. It’s kept Liars fresh and exciting.”

For many of its lovers, electronic music contains an enthralling and incredibly stimulating vibe, but for Andrews the process of making this kind of music is just as riveting.

“I think the tools are one of the most attractive things about this music, the electronic landscape is really an exciting and endless frontier of sounds right at your fingertips,” he reveals. “also it’s incredibly immediate. With more traditional methods of recording, I felt forced to remake songs in the studio with proper microphones and engineers. When you work primarily within the computer, the sounds you create are final. It removes the need for demos. I love that because nothing is lost in translation.”

Bringing them full-circle to their latest release, the January baby that is Mess – a creation that proves just how instinctive their musical tendencies are.

“It was much more up-tempo, immediate and positive than quite a few of our other works,” Andrews says. “For a while now I’ve felt like our music has veered toward a very cerebral and conceptual vein.

“I wanted it to be quick, to not give us any time to second guess impulsive decisions,” Andrews states. “It made it fun, experimental and immensely rewarding.” (CD)

Jun 6, Modulations, Carriageworks, 245 Wilson St, Eveleigh, $49.80+bf,

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