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Despite the obvious title, Healing is an Australian film that is worth watching – beautiful cinematography and an evocative story with great characters. Based on true events and set in a low-security prison farm 200 kilometres outside of Melbourne, this film stars Don Hany (Underbelly, Offspring) as Viktor Khadem at the end of his 16-year stint in prison. Hugo Weaving (Lord of the Rings, The Matrix) stars as his case-worker, Matt Perry.

Together they set up a bird sanctuary to help heal, not only the majestic creatures, but also the broken inmates and give them a sense of purpose.

The mise-en-scène and the elegant movements offer thoughtful symbolism. Also notable is the performance by Mark Leonard Winter (Winners and Losers) who plays disturbed inmate Shane. Xavier Samuel (The Twilight Saga: Eclipse) also stars as Paul. (LK)



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