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Go Your Own Way

What would inspire a musician to leave one of the most iconic and successful rock bands of all time? That’s the question that inspired cabaret performer Catherine Alcorn to pursue the story of enigmatic and fiercely private Fleetwood Mac singer/songwriter, Christine McVie, in her stage show, Go Your Own Way.

“It really interested me as an artist, wanting to build my career. I can’t imagine quitting one of the world’s biggest bands if I was a part of it. It was intriguing to me to find the reason behind that,” Alcorn explains.

Alcorn is a veteran of translating real life stories to the stage, as seen in her Bette Midler-inspired cabaret show, The Divine Miss Bette. She had a hunch that McVie’s story would work beautifully on the stage.

“People leave sharing memories. There is something so beautiful about being able to remember and think about where you were when you first heard these songs,” she says, noting that Fleetwood Mac are a band who, due to their success and longevity, hold a special place in the collective hearts of the general public.

“I remember hearing Fleetwood Mac songs ever since I was a little girl and even now they are played every day, and that just shows how timeless they are,” says Alcorn. “People love their memories. It gives them that time back.” (SW)

May 27- Jun 1, Glen Street Theatre, Glen St & Blackbutts Rd, Belrose, $15-70,


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