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Gardening With Soul

Gardening With Soul is a documentary from New Zealand which centres on 90-year-old Sister Loyola Galvin as she reflects on her illustrious life.

Residing at the Home Of Compassion in Wellington, NZ, she openly discusses her life-long passion for gardening and the ideology that “Life is like a garden, it’s constantly evolving”.

Galvin reminisces of life as a nurse during World War II and the life-changing event which led to her becoming a nun at the age of 26.

Audiences should warm to this delightful lady who is rich in character, as she candidly discusses her love for God and her anger at the hypocrisies of the Catholic Church.

Gardening With Soul is insightful and moving. Splendid cinematography of well-groomed gardens and blooming flowers should also mesmerise avid gardeners. (MM)


Limited release

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