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Eastern Boys

Eastern Boys is a controversial new film from France which will intimidate and unnerve audiences.

When middle-age Daniel (Olivier Rabourdin) invites a young male prostitute named Marek (Kirill Emelyanov) into his apartment for a discreet meeting, he inadvertently falls into a trap and has a gang of illegal immigrants to contend with. This is the catalyst to a psychological journey of fear, danger and desire.

Performances are powerful, notably from Daniil Vorobyev who is incredibly frightening as ‘Boss’, the unhinged leader of the gang.

The script is risqué and gritty, effectively combining gang culture and the story of a building homosexual relationship. Sexual content is highly graphic which may offend some viewers.

Eastern Boys is a suspenseful and provocative film which will leave audiences extremely conscious as to who they invite into their homes. (MM)


Sydney Film Festival, Jun 9 & 12, Event Cinemas, 500-525 George St, Sydney, $19.50,

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