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Early this year, a black and white monochrome music video surfaced and did its rounds on the internet. The fuzzy aesthetics evoked the nostalgia of a time when Brit-pop was at its peak, and music critics compared the sound to Oasis. Channel V has called them “the next big thing” and the band have signed with record label, I Oh You. However, there is one thing that renders the hype surrounding this band particularly remarkable – prior to this video, DMAs had not released any other tracks.

No doubt a testament to their songwriting ability, the Newtown trio, unlike other local bands, have not been hustling their way through Sydney’s live circuit.

“We didn’t want to play stuff like World Bar at 1am, and all those kinds of gigs, just kicking around Sydney. I didn’t want to do it with this band, I want to focus on the songwriting, and focus on the production skills,” says guitarist, Johnny Took.

However, the local lads are anything but green. They are the result and alumni of Sydney bands that are a staple in the Sydney live circuit, where they met and have performed together.

Took recalls a night backstage with Underlights, a band both he and DMA’s vocalist, Tommy O’Dell formerly played in.

“I remember in rehearsals, he (O’Dell) was like, what about this chorus? And he’d sing the line. We’d look over to him and think, this guy’s voice is out of control!”

Guitarist Matt Mason was recruited soon after.

“All our best tunes are the ones where Mason barges into my living room and starts pumping out some chords, and the three of us stand in a circle throwing out melodies and chord changes.”

Regarding the hype surrounding the band and their first single, Delete, Took remains grounded.

“Yeah, it’s pretty cool,” he laughs. “Yeah, it’s nice, I try not to get too excited. I need to be in this game for the long haul, you know? I’m more excited about getting these new songs out – because there’s just so many more I want to do!”

The DMA’s now embark on their first east coast tour – taking on Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane in May. Six troublemaking musicians will make up the live line-up.

“Too many. Too many troublemakers,” says Took.

“It’s gonna be noisy, but it’s gonna be tight, and there’s going to be some big melodies.” (SY)

May 22 & 24, Goodgod Small Club, 53-55 Liverpool St, Sydney, $10+bf,

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