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Around the world in 160 marathons

Trent Morrow aka the Marathon Man has crossed 200 finish lines in the past 16 months, setting a new world record

Trent Morrow ran his first half marathon back in 2007.

Between the beginning of last year and now, Mr Morrow has added 200 official marathons across all seven continents to his list of achievements.

Over the course of those 200 marathons, he has covered 8439 kilometres, equivalent to travelling  10 times around the earth.

The Bondi local, who goes by the title of ‘Marathon Man’, recently returned home after a world-first achievement, having completed 160 marathons in a 365 day period.

“It is certainly a real honour and privilege receiving any recognition, although the personal mission is to make a difference and encourage others to make the most of life each day,” Mr Morrow said.

The Marathon Man explains that he initially became interested in running as a way to get fit after stumbling upon an old family photo.

“I was 30 kilograms over my current weight, so I set myself a goal to start running and get healthy. I never thought I’d be doing marathons back to back or nearly as much as I have been now.”

Mr Morrow encourages aspiring runners to focus on the emotional and mental fulfillment as well as the physical satisfaction of running.

“It is important to do the training basics, although the equally important ingredient is to find a reason and to surround yourself with the right people in your life to provide support and encouragement,” he said.

To Mr Morrow, marathons are about “going the distance”.

“There are few greater feelings than crossing the finish line in a marathon. It is not about the time,” he told the Bondi View.

Completing his first marathon in Texas on new year’s day last year, Mr Morrow has since travelled to 15 countries and 39 states.

“I have seen some amazing places around the world, although it is the people that make the journey so rewarding,” he said.

“It is a great way to combine a passion for travel with a commitment to health and fitness”.

A particular highlight of Mr Morrow’s travels were in extreme conditions, such as when he completed the Antarctica Marathon & Half Marathon in under six hours.

“I was exposed to spectacular scenery in one of the most remote regions in the world,” he said.

As part of his world record in completing 160 marathons in one year, Mr Morrow crossed the line at the Boston Marathon last month, a year after the Boston bombings.

“The fact that Boston was my final marathon was very emotional for me. Crossing the finish line a year after the tragedy was quite a proud thing to have accomplished. It was special honouring and remembering the people impacted by the bombings,” he said.

“It also shows the strength of runners and our ability to unite in the face of something like that.”

After 16 months of travelling, Mr Morrow is excited to be home, but has already begun plotting “the next big adventure” in his life.

“The immediate plan is to put together a book and document the journeys I’ve had and share them with as many people as possible. I want to go on the motivational speaking circuit as well,” he said.

The Marathon Man Welcome Home Celebration Marathon will take place on Sunday, June 1 from 7am, commencing in Milsons Point.

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