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Veronica Milsom – Do Not Irony

When a stranger is asked to come onstage and interact with one of 15 personalities, the chance that it won’t be awkward is somewhere between state lotto win and shark attack.

This is something Veronica Milsom is no stranger to; her one-woman sketch show involves a whole heap of audience interaction, but one particular guest had her floored.

“I had this guy onstage and I was talking to him about quite disgusting things,” she says, “and then after the show he came up and said, ‘Thanks for having me onstage,’ and I said, ‘Thanks for participating,’ and then he said, ‘I used to date your mum’.”

Milsom, of Triple J and television’s Mad As Hell comedic fame, will perform her debut show Do Not Irony at the Sydney Comedy Festival.

She will play 15 different characters in 23 different scenes.

“I can’t answer what it’s about, it’s too difficult,” she laughs. “It’s an absurd, bizarre reflection of what I think is funny. Some of my best friends have come along to see me perform and said, ‘That is exactly your sense of humour, but I haven’t seen you perform like that before’.” (AE)

May 6, 8 & 10, The Factory Theatre, 105 Victoria Rd, Marrickville, (02) 9550 3666,


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