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Transcendence is a techno-thriller starring Johnny Depp as Dr. Will Castor, an artificial intelligence researcher who, together with his wife Evelyn (Rebecca Hall), creates an intelligent machine capable of experiencing a full range of human emotions.

When anti-technology extremists strike, Castor’s consciousness is uploaded online and becomes increasingly menacing as his power accelerates.

This “technology clashing with humanity” film is interesting and thought-provoking initially, but quickly misfires, sliding into absurdity and inadvertently resurfacing as moronic and laughable.

Depp seems detached and is wasted in a role where most of his scenes are simply facial images on computer screens. Morgan Freeman also appears bored and disinterested.

Transcendence was produced on a blockbuster budget, but unfortunately fails to ignite onscreen. Painstakingly dull and mundane with half-explained ideologies, this is a major disappointment. (MM)


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