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The Strictly Ballroom Exhibition

Photo: Sotha Bourn

Sparkles, spangles, feathers, glitter and bright colours are on display at the Powerhouse Museum’s Strictly Ballroom exhibition.

The show features over 40 costumes by Catherine Martin, original sketches, set photos and clips which chronicle the development of the story.

The Oscar-winning designer says her life is about researching social history and her creations reflect an era of extravagance in filmmaking and culture. Each piece demonstrates devotion to representation of an ethos, in this case the world of ballroom dancing. The pastel hues, beautiful weaves and exquisite embroidery are monuments to an often ignored artistic skill.

Highlights include the gold jacket worn by Paul Mercurio in the famous dancing scene, the gowns that Martin wore during award season, and most intriguing her four Academy Awards and five Baftas

This is a small peep hole into a widely influential and successful production team through the lens of one of Australia’s most popular movies. (LR)

Apr 5-Nov 9, Powerhouse Museum, 500 Harris St, Ultimo, $12 (free with general admission),

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