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Like Father, Like Son

Every parent’s worst nightmare is undeniably realised in Like Father, Like Son, a compelling and award-winning film from Japan.

When a married couple (Masaharu Fukuyama and Machiko Ono) learn their six-year-old son was switched at birth by a disgruntled hospital worker, they exhaustively search their hearts for a solution which is most beneficial to each child.

They agree to “exchange” their son with the other family and questions arise about the importance of blood ties and whether biological parents can re-capture the love of lost children after years of separation.

This captivating and heartfelt drama contains many humorous moments that are a welcome detraction from the intense subject matter.

An intelligent script complemented by strong performances from a likable cast delivers a controversial and thought-provoking film with a predicable but satisfying conclusion. (MM)


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