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Julian Clary – Position Vacant: Apply Within

Photo: Idil Sukan

It has been six years since his last Australian tour and Julian Clary is on his way back with – Position Vacant: Apply Within.

Clary is looking for a husband. If you are male and don’t mind being poked with a cattle-prod, go along.

Once considered an alternative comic, Clary is now a household name on primetime TV in the UK. The softly spoken, polite, yet innuendo-driven performer, started out 30 years ago with no intention of making a career this way.

“I just enjoyed making people laugh. The reason for my longevity would have to be due to my diversity. I have done comedy, written novels, done panto, reality TV and even BBC Radio 4.

Clary now enjoys the contrast of spending six months touring and the other six months writing in his rustic, country manor house in Kent, which was once owned by one of his heroes – Noel Coward.

“I appreciate the contrast between the two, whether I’m doing stand-up or writing books, they’re both a form of self-expression.”

The highlight of Clary’s career came while touring this show, when he won Celebrity Big Brother 10 (UK) in 2012. Now he’s looking forward to bringing Position Vacant: Apply Within to Australia. (LK)

Apr 22, State Theatre, 49 Market St, Sydney, $69.90, 136 100,




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