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Hugh Laurie

Hugh Laurie was about ten-years-old when he fell in love. It was a song playing on the radio. It might have been Willie Dixon or perhaps even Muddy Waters. Whoever it was, isn’t really important – it was that sound. That’s where he first heard the ‘blue note’ – and he was hooked.”It was electrifying,” says Laurie, “and I never got over it.”

For the musicians, the ‘blue note’ is a microtone, lying somewhere between the minor and major third. It’s what makes ‘the blues’ sound like ‘the blues’. Now Hugh Laurie brings his love of the blues down under with his first Australian tour.

Best known for his offbeat comedies like Blackadder or as the flawed, medical genius in House – Laurie is also a first-rate musician. Backed by The Copper Bottom Band, his show has been described by American Blues Magazine as, “rousing, wickedly entertaining and deeply memorable.” (GW)

May 5 & 6, State Theatre, 49 Market St, Sydney, $89-120, 136 100,

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