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Harry’s Café de Wheels Bondi

Harry’s Café de Wheels Bondi

Shop2 152 Campbell Parade, Bondi Beach   (02) 9130 4000

The world famous pies and peas of Harry’s Café de Wheels are now available right in the heart of Bondi Beach. A Sydney culinary institution, Harry’s Café de Wheels has been serving late-night diners in the harbour city since the late 1930s.

Sydneysiders used to travel from all over to the café on wheels in the back streets of Woolloomooloo, now that taste experience is right on the waterfront of Australia’s premier beach.

Harry’s pies are made from the finest lean topside and the crispiest pastry but what really makes them signature are the pea and mashed potato toppings. And check out their range of hot dogs, they’re to die for.

So next time surf’s up or you’re so bronzed you have to move on, head up to Harry’s Café de Wheels – don’t forget to try Harry’s Tiger Pie, it’s an experience your tastebuds will savour.