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From Ether

Photo: Chris Hadfield

For the legions of Twitter followers of multi-talented Canadian astronaut Commander Chris Hadfield (1.08 million at last count), this exhibition, a visual representation of his journey set to music, is a must-see.

“His images have a beautiful way of opening one’s mind to the greater world, encouraging empathy and a sense of global community,” says creator, three-time ARIA Award-winning artist Andrea Keller.

“I also found them to be incredibly artistic in composition…a lot of [his] concepts I ponder and deal with in my own music. It was…a natural coupling of visuals and sound.”

The incredible images Hadfield took on his five-month stay aboard the International Space Station as Commander of Expedition 35, will be accompanied by Phil Slater on the trumpet, and Geoff Hughes on guitar. Keller, after following Hadfield herself on Twitter, found his words to be “so poetic” that they’ve been integrated into the music of From Ether.

The exhibition, taking place at the Powerhouse Museum, will allow “everyone, regardless of age, [to] marvel at our extraordinary world and gain a deeper understanding of just how breathtakingly beautiful, varied and complex it is.” (SW)

Apr 12, Powerhouse Museum, 500 Harris St, Ultimo, $15-25,  



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