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Frank Woodley – Fool’s Gold

For the 10th Sydney Comedy Festival, Frank Woodley has called his set Fool’s Gold, which was intended to be a catch-all term so he can “run around like a noodle-nut”. However, Woodley admits it might turn into a one-hour rendition of “that Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey movie.”

“There are bits of physical stand-up and visual sequences,” he says. “I could do an entire show with no improvisation, but I’ve never done that. There’s a great advantage to comedy in that you are in complete control of the choices that are made onstage and you can improvise on any degree.”

The love between the comedian and the festival itself seems to be mutual, with Woodley saying that he’s probably not alone. “I’ll go anywhere that people are going to come out for some live comedy and some laughs. Sydney’s great for it, and the festival is gathering a lot of steam.”

Festival founder and director, Jorge Menidis agrees that the festival is growing in strength.

“We’ve gone from selling 13,000 tickets to now selling 120,000 tickets,” Menidis says proudly. “It’s going to be our largest festival ever with one or two special events to be announced later.” (AE)

Apr 29-May 4, The Factory Theatre, 105 Victoria Rd, Marrickville, $32-40,


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