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Food News – Fresh Fodder

Dips sure have come a long way since my Mother used to greet guests with a jar of corn relish stirred through a carton of sour cream. Fresh Fodder, coming out of Orange in Central NSW, recently sent me a hamper, convinced it’d change my mind about Taramosalata [RRP $4.50/200g]. Their innovative Smokey Roe Taramosalata actually did, using a gentle hint of smoke to tease my palate into really enjoying this traditional Greek red caviar dip. Blue Cheese with Pistachio was another favourite from their intensely flavoured range, which do just as well being incorporated as a sandwich spread, or (if you’re against bread and crackers) rolled up with pickles and crudités in ham. Skordalia worked best cooked with seafood or chicken, though my partner was most enamoured with Kalamata and Fetta eaten straight from the tub as an ordinary dip. You can pick your own favourite at Leichhardt Fresh, and get recipe ideas straight from the Fresh Fodder website.


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