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Dancing Naked In The Backyard

Photo: David Hooley

Sometimes neighbours can be more than just neighbours, they can be friends, family, a beautiful community. Though, what happens when that community is threatened?

Brave New Word Theatre Company explores the idea of community in suburbia through their deeply moving play Dancing Naked in the Backyard.

Luke Holmes, artistic director of the company, says the play is an original work about everyday Australians.

“You get close with the people on your street, they become like family, and when threatened instead of shrugging their shoulders, they take it to heart and keep each other safe,” he says.

Inspired by a true story, the production follows thirty-something couple Derwent and Cathy, and their neighbours, as they fight to save their neighbourhood and lifestyle when a development company threatens it.

“More than anything it is about exploring community, the idea of being set in your roots whether you’ve been living somewhere for fifty years or just five years,” he says.

The relatable characters, suburban setting, and underdog story, present a unique production that reflects Australian culture.

“It is nice to have a more quintessentially Australian play, there is something in the Australian culture that lends itself to close-knit groups of friends and family,” says Holmes. (SOC)

Apr 15-26, Tap Gallery, 45 Burton St, Darlinghurst, $15-20,


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