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The Carlisle Bar

With fear and loathing spreading through the Cross, it is nice to see The Carlisle restore our faith in Sydney drinkers’ humanity. This bar wins my most clever and sexy cocktail title: the Rye An’ Gosling ($18) made with Rye whiskey and Goslings rum, ginger beer and freshly squeezed apple juice. If Sydney’s women weren’t drinking whiskey before, they are now. Once you’ve had your fling, retire to the workman’s bar – a ‘steerage class’ lounge suited to post-work drinking and tapas snacking. The Homemade Haloumi ($14) is out of this world, and sadly out of our reach – made by an 86 year old Greek woman who only dishes it out to three Sydney chefs. Made with real milk (as opposed to powder), it’s the best haloumi I’ve ever had. Tortilla Chips ($16) with a fresh guacamole go hand-in-mouth with a Skinny Bitch ($18) cocktail: because excess in denial is the Kings Cross way. Handsome and toothsome is the Spicy Chicken ($16), however the chef isn’t giving any secrets about the sauce away. Luckily he’ll talk you through the Prawn and Calamari ($18) with its three delectable dipping sauces. Don’t be alarmed, the Cross is a beguiling destination – and if you’re really concerned – just call it Potts Point.

The Carlisle Bar
2 Kellett St, Kings Cross
Ph: (02) 9331 0058
Bar, Bar Food, Cocktails $$

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