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Takadimi are starting the year off with a bang at Sydney’s hippest jazz music venue, Foundry 616 in Ultimo. The vibrant jazz quintet have been playing together for over seven years and have no plans to stop in the near future.

Takadimi’s music reflects an authentic obsession for the possibilities within genres. Their unlimited boundaries create a resonant blend of jazz, world and folk music. With their diverse style and refreshing body of contemporary new era music, Takadimi have made a lasting impression.

The five-piece was formed in 2008 at the Australian Institute of Music, where all members studied contemporary performance. Their debut was at the National Folk Festival in Canberra in 2009, and they have been touring and performing ever since. The band comprises of Brianne Curran (violin), Kieran Ryan-Colton (electric guitar), James McKendry (acoustic guitar), Joshua Munn (bass) and Ben Kidson (drums).

“People’s musical upbringings and backgrounds all come together and we just mix and match,” says Brianne Curran about the band’s unique style.

Takadimi launched their debut album, New Common Sense, in 2011 and it received wonderful reviews with widespread recognition across the ABC and community radio. They have toured extensively across Australia performing at the Melbourne International Jazz Festival and the Sydney Fringe Festival, just to name a couple.

“We’re playing at the National Folk Festival in Canberra this year… then a whole bunch of regional tours around there,” says Curran. “It’s just so cool because people look after you and they love the music, it’s really inspiring.”

Apart from all the members having other jobs, “music is still a priority” for them. They are currently writing new music for their upcoming album, which will be released in 2015.

“We’ve spent a lot more time together as a group and we hang out a lot… we can test the barriers a bit more now,” says Curran. “It [the album] will be a bit more explorative… we’re all very open and seeing where that goes.”

Takadimi have broken the boundaries when it comes to creating music and performing in front of huge crowds. When the jazz quintet play live, they “bounce off each other’s energy and play in the moment.”

The distinctive style and versatile performances of Takadimi are fast becoming the future of Australian jazz music. (CT)

March 21, Foundry 616, 616 Harris St, Ultimo, $16-20,



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