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Sixty is sexy? That’s debatable

Head to head: James O'Loghlin and Jean Kittson

By Adrienne Chilcott

Are dentures desirable? Is senility seductive? That’s all up for debate on Friday, when some of Sydney’s most seasoned comedians contest the motion “that 60 is sexy”.

The debate is hosted by the City of Sydney and is part of NSW Seniors Week. Team captains are the well-known comedienne Jean Kittson, speaking for the affirmative, and ABC personality James O’Loghlin, speaking for the negative. Kittson’s team will also feature Henri Szeps and Gretel Killeen while O’Loghlin will be joined by Geraldine Turner and Gary Scale.

O’Loghlin was bristling with ideas for the tussle.

“I will be arguing that sixty is not sexy…but the cunning approach I will be taking is to suggest that this is a good thing, because sexy is over-rated and shallow and ultimately worthless,” he said.

“There are far better and more worthwhile markers to measure ourselves against, especially as we get older.”

When preparing for the debate O’Loghlin had a chance to reflect on the importance of placed on ‘sex’.

“I’ve been noticing how much status our society seems to give to the notion of ‘sexy’.

“There’s something ‘sexy’ on so many ads, and in so many movies and TV shows, and magazines…sexiness is clearly seen as an aspirational and desirable quality, more so sometimes than cleverness or wisdom or kindness.

“In ads you see people being sexy probably more than you see them being wise or kind or clever.”

Asked if he had canvased his parents for their opinions on the topic, he was coy.

“Not yet, but I will, although any conversation that involves parents and the word ‘sexy’ is inevitably awkward.”

As part of seniors week, the City of Sydney has also launched an “after dinner walking group” for seniors, aimed at getting older residents out and about in the city at night. The first 1.6km guided tour of Walsh Bay ran on Tuesday night.

The “60 is sexy” comedy debate will take place on 21 March from 1-2pm at the City Recital Hall, Angel Place.


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