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Photo: Niko Tavernise

Audiences expecting a conservative re-telling of the story of Noah will be disappointed with this reincarnation, as the story has been modernised for a new generation of filmgoers.

Highly anticipated, Noah is “loosely based” on the biblical epic according to the Book Of Genesis, but is completely different to previous films based on the bible.

The basic storyline remains the same, where “the creator” floods the world to obliterate evil and Noah is instructed to take two of every animal species on board an ark.

Noah is a fantasy, strangely bordering on science fiction, as fallen angels resembling transformer robots covered in rocks aid Noah in constructing and watching over the ark. This sadly detracts from the religious perspective.

Russell Crowe is intense and gritty as Noah, giving his best performance to date in this fanciful action blockbuster. (MM)


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