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University of Sydney students protest at Tom Raue's expulsion / Photo: Ezreena Yahya

Raue on the ropes

The vice-president of the University of Sydney student union, Tom Raue, may be expelled after the NSW Supreme Court ruled that the union’s board of directors has the power to remove fellow directors.

The board moved to expel Raue after he leaked a sentence from a confidential report to the student newspaper Honi Soit late last year, at which point Raue filed an injunction.

“[The judgement] will have a chilling effect on board directors engaging in debate or critical thinking, which will lead to worse decision-making, deference to non-student staff and a continuation of the current transformation from a student organisation to a corporation,” Mr Raue said.

The court has ordered him to pay the legal costs of the defendants.

White Bay blues

Action against the White Bay cruise terminal has reached a new level, community organisers say, following a meeting of 105 residents and aggrieved parties at the weekend.

Some Balmain residents have expressed concern about air and noise pollution emanating from the ships using the terminal, and the response of Sydney Ports, which has committed only to further monitoring.

The meeting at Balmain’s Clontarf Cottage on Sunday heard from Leichhardt Mayor Darcy Byrne and Greens MP Jamie Parker. Both have pledged to pursue the matter with the state government and Sydney Ports, said campaigner and former councillor John Stamolis.

“It would be simply unfathomable for any business to operate as Sydney Ports and cruise lines operate, in a high-density residential area,” he said. “It is just not seen and would not be allowed.”

War in Iraq, 11 years on

Today, March 20, marks the 11th anniversary of the Coalition of the Willing’s invasion of Iraq. Many in Australia are still calling for an inquiry into how and why we went to war. Those interested can visit to sign the appeal.

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