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MikiNobu Komatsu Selected Works

'Rakaia River at Dusk' by MikiNobu Komatsu

“Ecstatic” is the word photographer MikiNobu Komatsu uses to describe his reaction the first time he took in the sights of New Zealand’s South Island.

“The landscape is very dynamic… Alps, glaciers, fjords, desert-like barren tablelands… All of these in a small island when you see it on a map, but it’s actually vast when you’re in it,” says the talented photographer.

This juxtaposition of being both small and vast at once is at the heart of Komatsu’s exhibition, subtitled The Complex Simplicity of Landscape.

Komatsu’s exhibition of landscape photography at the Black Eye Gallery underscores the photographer’s fascination with the South Island and the marriage of light and darkness on landscapes.

He notes, “Although landscapes look simple, for me they have depth, layers, different moods, and evoke different emotions… The rich quality of light acts as a portal through which I feel I’m encountering another world, perhaps beyond the physical reality.”

The exhibition promises to be an equally transcendent experience for viewers. (SW)

Until Apr 6, Black Eye Gallery, 138 Darlinghurst Rd, Darlinghurst, free,


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