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I, Frankenstein

The latest incarnation of Frankenstein’s monster, Adam (Aaron Eckhart), seems to be ‘developing’ a soul. Two hundred years after his creation he battles it out for the fate of humanity against the forces of darkness led by demon Prince Naberius, played by Bill Nighy – who is better suited to comedic characters.

On the side of the angels (literally) are the Gargoyles led by their Queen, Leonore (Miranda Otto).

It’s a joint American/Australian (Lakeshore/Hopscotch) production filmed in Melbourne and employed a lot of Australians on-screen and off – roughly 500.

What does it say about the state of the Australian film industry? It says that we are technically very clever at telling other people’s stories – but seem to have little inclination to tell our own.

Audiences that like a good old-fashioned battle between good & evil with multiple special effects will enjoy this. (MMu)



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