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From the Streets

Street art by Beastman

Raw, unpredictable and distinct, street art is starting to make waves in the art culture of Australia.

With .M Contemporary Gallery showcasing a major street art exhibition called From the Streets, street art is moving from laneways to lounge rooms.

Michele Paterson, Director of .M Contemporary Gallery, says the exhibition is designed to open people’s minds about what street art is and its accessibility.

“Street art is one of a kind, it’s stenciling, painting, posters, sculptures. There are so many different forms of it, and it is a gift that the artists give for free,” she says.

The exhibition is trying to change the way people think about art and collecting art, and show the way different mediums can become valuable collectables.

“I want new people looking at art and collecting it, it’s about getting people talking and thinking about art,” says Paterson.

“Street art is becoming a bit of a thing in Australia now.”

From the Streets will showcase some amazing works from both local and international artists, including Morley, Beastman and Jef Aèrosol. (SOC)

Until Apr 27, .M Contemporary Gallery, 37 Ocean St, Woollahra, free,


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