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Free trees for greener communities

The City of Sydney is hoping to inject a sea of green into the landscape by giving away 1000 free trees.

“Trees make our streets more beautiful as well as improve air quality and provide habitat for birds and animals,” Lord Mayor Clover Moore said.

“We already have around 42,000 trees in our streets and parks across the city, and we’re planning for many more. Now we are encouraging residents to join our efforts by providing free trees for their backyard.”

Almost ten thousand trees have been planted by council since 2005, and the City has set a target of increasing the urban canopy by 50 per cent by 2030.

It is their hope that the residents will share the goal of a greener future for the city and its villages.

Residents can choose a tree on Saturday March 29 from a range of 21 species, but need to register their interest beforehand.

By Triana O’Keefe


Rhino bashing

One of the fiberglass rhinos outside Sydney Town Hall on George Street has been vandalised and removed for repair.

The rhino was one of 125 installed around the city and in Dubbo as part of Taronga Zoo’s Wild! Rhinos art project, to raise awareness about the plight of endangered rhinoceroses falling victim to poaching.

Angela Vithoulkas, the City of Sydney councillor who initiated the project, said it was disappointing that such a “mindless act of violence” was committed on this beautiful piece of art.

“It is ironic that the rhinos placed around the city are there to bring people’s attention to the poaching and potential extinction in the wild, yet our very own rhino was not safe in civilisation,” she said.

Taronga Zoo expressed its disappointment and said the rhino would be back on the block as soon as possible.

By Myles Stedman

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