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Food News – Chop Shop Carnivorium

Melinda Dimitriades has renamed and relocated her popular Redfern (Farmgate) butchery into an old butcher’s shop in Hurlstone Park, close to the area she grew up in. Keeping the traditional butcher’s awnings, Chop Shop Carnivorium has been warmly embraced by the locals, including a Greek lady who Melinda tells me has “been coming since the original (Greek) owners ran it thirty years ago.” Another local, actor William Zappa (an accomplished home cook and part-time pistachio farmer) said: “I’d forgotten how good a Christmas ham could be until I tasted Melinda’s – sublime!” Her packets of sliced leg ham off the bone have already seen me detour four suburbs to revisit this destination butchery, which thankfully includes a boutique range of seasonal vegetables, Will Studd’s specially selected Aphrodite Halloumi, and a range of other products designed to make it a one-stop-shop. You can also count on Melinda’s keen “interest in sustainably and ethically farmed animals”. The Melanda Park pork neck and Holmbrae corn-fed chicken were standout favourites for me, alongside more exotic specialties like Longaniza (Spanish sausage) and Queso de Cabesa (head cheese).

10 Crinan Street, Hurlstone Park (02) 9558 5000

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