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Exit Marrakech

Exit Marrakech is part of the themed Oriental Night on April 9 at the German Film Festival.

Director Caroline Link returns to the continent that earned her an Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film with Nowhere in Africa.

Viewers may be tempted to go ahead with that Moroccan holiday after seeing some of the landscapes in Exit Marrakech. Travelogue aside, an estranged adolescent son and his self-interested theatre director father attempt reconciliation via a series of misadventures in this mystic land.

Samuel Schneider (Ben) is solid as the son, coming of age via a feisty prostitute named Karima, played by  Hafsia Herzi. The much put-upon father is played by Ulrich Tukur (previously of White Ribbon and Rommel). (MMu)


German Film Festival, until Apr 11, Chauvel Cinema, Oxford St & Oatley Rd, Paddington, (02) 9361-5398; Palace Norton Street, 99 Norton St, Leichhardt, (02) 9564 5620, $15.50-82 (5 film pass),


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