Eat & Drink

Bar Fly: Parke Davis

Basement Level, 125 York Street Sydney (02) 9264 4224
When my eyes hit the blackboard I knew I was in luck; filled with cocktails, my favourite test drink jumped out at me. The Parke Davis Sazerac was not only based on my preferred Cognac, but was innovative and exciting with the absinthe contained inside an ice sphere. Due to this, the Sazerac Sphere ($19) metamorphoses as you drink it – the ice melts the absinthe into the Cognac and Christmas pudding spice. For more of the Green Fairy, I mellowed into the apple Star Bright ($19). Other signatures, like the infused rum El Capitan ($18) and foamed Colada ($18), also hit the spot – as does the cosy L-shaped basement; the scrumptious food like ‘Bonito is Beautiful’ or ‘Dr. Yunus Chicken Skewers’; and the welcoming staff. If you’ve had a bad day, you might even get a hug.

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