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300: Rise Of An Empire is an action/drama blockbuster described as a “follow-up” to 2007’s 300 and explores other notable land and naval battles fought under the second Persian invasion of Greece. The story strangely traverses backwards and forwards from where the original film left off.

Sullivan Stapleton is impressive as Themistocles, strongly supported by fellow Australian actors David Wenham and Callan Mulvey. Eva Green is refreshing as Artemisia, the ferocious commander of the Persian navy.

Realistically depicting the savagery of the era, the graphic blood-splattering battle sequences are nauseating and the nudity/erotic sex scenes may also be confronting.

Captivating naval battle sequences are cleverly enhanced by CGI and the 3D visuals, sharp editing, mesmerising cinematography and the expected stop/start action sequences deliver a satisfying movie which will leave audiences anticipating another. (MM)

*** 1/2

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