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Photo: David C. Lee

Winter’s Tale is a fantasy drama set in New York spanning over two different time periods. The story revolves around master thief Peter Lake’s (Colin Farrell) strong love for dying heiress Beverly Penn (Jessica Brown Findlay) and the journey he takes across time to save her.

An enchanting musical score, beautiful cinematography and respectable performances from Farrell and Findlay fail to ignite this bizarre tale of destiny, miracles, magic and the battle between good and evil.

Even a stellar cast including Russell Crowe, William Hurt and Will Smith in supporting roles fails to compensate, as questionable storytelling techniques and complexities in the screenplay deliver a film which is drawn out and perplexing.

Winter’s Tale is stylish and initially captivates with its grandness and sinister elements, but ultimately its intricacy makes this film an underwhelming experience. (MM)



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