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Jeffery Self and Cole Escola didn’t like each other very much when they first met. “It’s because we were both vying for attention,” says Escola, “but then we realised we got more attention together.”

They say they still don’t really like each other, but together they’ve become a viral sensation with their YouTube series VGL Gay Boys aka Very Good Looking Gay Boys (obviously) and starred in their own cable TV show. So, it seems they’re stuck together, which is good because the VGL duo are coming to Sydney to perform their first ever Australian show Desperate Houseboys as part of Mardi Gras. Or perhaps it’s because Self is searching for “honest to God real love” down under. Who knows?

What audiences can expect from their show is absurdly dry and dark humour, outrageous antics, as well as plenty of desperation. Or as Escola more succinctly puts it, “bratty, rude, dark, queer comedy”.

If you don’t like that, well too bad. Self and Escola have dealt with many trolls in their Internet stardom and have this to say to haters, “Get smarter,” they advise. “They don’t go for the right things. They’ll say we’re ugly, which is just not true.” (MT)

Feb 18-28, Seymour Centre, Cleveland St & City Rd, Chippendale, $35,


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