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Sedap Malaysian Kopitiam

Part café, part street-side hawker, this new addition to Westfield Eastgardens has loads of street cred. It comes with the new dining precinct, which took over Banks Avenue last year. The al fresco dining and paved paths feel like you’re in an artificial land: “Like Vegas,” comments my dining partner. Indeed, if Vegas had a multicultural Sydney-themed hotel it would probably include the new tenants – Bondi Pizza, Ribs & Burgers, Lang Suan Thai, Kingston & Co. and San Churro. We arrive at Sedap on a busy Thursday evening and relax into an Ice Coffee ($4) laced with heavenly condensed milk served in a jar. (I’m unsure if it’s ironic?)  Crispy Pork Rolls ($4/each) are wrapped in bean curd and come with a delicious garlic chilli sauce, while Szechuan Ribs ($15.80) are sticky finger licking good. Of course we have to try everyone’s favourite Malaysian dish: Char Kuey Teow ($12), which stacks up well – pork sausage an interesting addition to the bevy of toppings. Beef Rendang ($14.40) is spot on; in fact I couldn’t fault a thing until the endearing waiter insisted we try the traditional dessert Ice Cendol ($6). ‘Green worm’ and mung bean noodles on shaved ice are probably just for true Malay enthusiasts – but they’re fun anyway.

Sedap Malaysian Kopitiam
Westfield Eastgardens, Banks Avenue, Eastgardens
Ph: (02) 9344 7095
Malaysian $

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