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Le Week-end is a British romantic comedy which revolves around an aging couple celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary in Paris. They’re in a love/hate relationship and hope to revitalise their ailing marriage by re-capturing their youthfulness, a time when life was blissful and devoid of any stresses or responsibilities.

This intelligent and witty script is complemented by engaging performances from Academy Award winner Jim Broadbent and Lindsay Duncan as Nick and Meg Burrows respectively. Their chemistry shines throughout aided by a fine supporting cast led by Jeff Goldblum.

Exquisitely filmed on location in Paris, Le Week-end is an endearing study of relationships, primarily aimed at the more mature audiences. Effectively illustrating how disenchantment and mundanity slowly erodes a relationship, this film also resonates that ultimately true love conquers all. (MM)

*** 1/2

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