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The Shangri-La Sydney has a young, hip pastry chef in Anna Polyviou. Not only is she good at her craft, she’s entertaining and charismatic in the (rather spacious) confines of her pastry kitchen. I should know, I’ve ventured into her domain – through the service entrance of the hotel – for a dessert degustation. She’s now offering two limited collections of attendees the opportunity to participate in “Dip Me In Honey”, her latest creation on the 26th and 27th of February from 7pm. For $105/head you get a backstage pass into a five-course pastry kitchen degustation, that will even see you leave with honey for breakfast the next day! Her inspiration for this sweet menu was her executive chef Steven’s beehives on level three of the hotel (full credit to them for doing urban beekeeping) combined with seeing “a graffiti piece in an alleyway of a bee”. I also asked Anna what makes her let people into her private lair: “People’s face reactions get me excited, the shock factor with what I say, or the words used in the menu, or better yet, the taste factor with my creations.”  Book in quickly: (02) 9250 6247.

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