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Endless Love is a remake of the original romantic drama produced in 1981 and is about the loss of innocence and troubled young love. The story remains mostly faithful to the original with some notable changes.

David (Alex Pettyfer) and Jade (Gabriella Wilde) have graduated from high school and fall in love. Jade’s controlling father (Robert Patrick) takes an instant dislike to David and interferes in their relationship with dire consequences.

Overshadowed by the original, this version has many flaws. Pettyfer and Wilde are mismatched in the leading roles and lack chemistry. The script is cliched and so woeful and contrived at times that laughter is inadvertently evoked.

Consequently, the difficulty in connecting emotionally with these characters leads to a dwindling audience interest.

Endless Love is targeted at teenagers who should enjoy this as a date movie. (MM)



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