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A rainbow of love

Curtis Dickson spoke on youth matters and affordable housing. Photo: supplied

In the lead up to this year’s Mardi Gras, Leichhardt council will host ‘Feel The Love Leichhardt’, on February 12.

The reception, now in its second year, will feature guest speakers at Council’s administration building.

Chair of Leichhardt LGBTIQ, Teresa Savage, said: “Leichhardt has a proud LGBTQI history, with many members of the lesbian community settling there from the 1970s onward.  Feel the Love will explore local issues for children from LGBTQI families and discuss the particular needs of the older community.”

“Our aim is to make Leichhardt a happy, safe and positive place for LGBTQI people to live, work and visit, and to provide advice to Leichhardt Council and the local community on LGBTQI issues.

The LGBTQI Action Group was formed after last year’s Feel The Love event.

Ms. Savage said: “We are very pleased that Leichhardt Council is so supportive of the local LGBTQI community, and hope to continue our work in partnership for many years to come.”

The event is also an effort to expand the Mardi Gras Festival to the Inner West community.

Guest Speaker Curtis Dickson will be speaking from a youth perspective on the night: “The speakers at the reception are each representing different aspects of the LGBTIQ community in Leichhardt, I’m going to speak about the importance of affordable housing in Leichhardt for students and young workers.

“There’s a real attraction for LGBTIQ people to live in a suburb like this: it’s relatively safe and yet close to many of the services that LGBTIQ people need like health services, community groups and support networks – as well as our places of work or study. But it’s getting harder for young people to be able to afford housing in the Inner West.”

Mr Dickson said: “I hope my speech will inspire people to think about creative ways to address the issue of affordable housing in Leichhardt and the surrounding suburbs.”

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