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The Very Near Future, 2013, by Alex Davies

Alex Davies’ The Very Near Future begins with the simple opening of a door. Within is an interactive space that plays with time and the imagination.

The installation is designed as a film studio. The recreated security office has a sign-in book which immediately immerses the visitor in the experience. Thunder claps sound overhead, a movie is captured on small monitors and a stage set and giant clock scramble the senses and twist temporal cognisance.

The Very Near Future is an innovative and fun multimedia presentation. It comments on the role of cinema in the construction of reality and involves the viewer in its illusionary world.

Its mischievous tone blurs the line between spectator and participant and its projections challenge onlookers to cast their own shadows that merge with the exhibition’s ethos.

In this show, Davies has created a challenging piece which delights and surprises with its originality. (LR)

Until Feb 16, Artspace, 43-51 Cowper Wharf Rd, Woolloomooloo, free,

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