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Chef’s Armoury has been making waves in Rosebery for some time now with their elegant, handcrafted Japanese knives. They’ve recently branched out into sake, and if you’re wondering what the particular connection between selling these gleaming Japanese blades and sake is, it’s a regional one. Their specially selected range of accessible and affordable sakes have been drawn from the very same regions of Japan where their beautiful knives are handcrafted. While I absolutely advocate a visit to their intriguing store –  which also carries an enviable range of Japanese cookbooks and products – for now you’ll have to buy their sakes only from their online store. After a comprehensive tasting, my favourite was Hanamikura Kuro ($66.45/720ml) “The Black”; but you can also expect to find a range affordable sakes like the fruity, honey-flavoured Nagaragawa Tenkawa ($15.45/300ml) all described in easy to understand terms – making this a perfect place to begin your sake education.
747 Botany Road, Rosebery (02) 9699 2353

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