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Cash Savage & The Last Drinks

“I once heard a band say ‘what’s the point of playing but then going out and giving it your all afterwards?’” quotes Melbourne minstrel Cash Savage on the topic of post-show celebrations.

“For me, the shows are the most important part of the tour. We want to make sure that we are all capable of putting on the best show possible, I mean, we drove all that way why wouldn’t we?”

With their unbridled passion for musical creativity, Savage and her band The Last Drinks have had a stellar year of acknowledgements and accolades. Their latest album The Hypnotiser gained attention in their home city and beyond, an album that is fuelled by raw unabashed honesty and evocative lyrics that flow naturally from the mind of their leader.

“I find it pretty easy to write if I personally have something to write about,” explains Savage.

“The biggest block I ever have is not having something that I care enough to write about. Songs like 95km to Sandy Point, for example, was written in under half an hour, but other songs took a bit longer because if I’m writing about something close to home, I want to get it perfect.”

Uncurbed honesty at its best; Savage maintains that despite this open approach to her song writing she “[does] actually keep a lot of cards close to [her] chest”. However, despite strong self-control, she says she wouldn’t completely restrain her instincts.

“The thing is that I have to sing those songs over and over again,” she explains.

“People do ask me if it’s difficult to sing them if they mean so much, but I find it really boring if they don’t mean anything. After a while I just get sick of playing them because they are nothing.”

With a hyped tour almost within reach, labels and classic ‘pigeonholing’ will be rife, Savage isn’t too worried though.

“Labels are funny, there is so much stigma attached to them you know?” she remarks.

“Like if you say you’re a country band then people automatically think Johnny Cash or Garth Brooks, or if you say you’re a blues artist then they’re going to think John Mayer or Muddy Waters.

“So when people ask me what I am I say ‘well, we’re definitely country blues, a little bit psychedelic and definitely rock at times’, even I have trouble labelling myself. So to anybody that tries to pigeonhole us, I say good luck to them.” (CD)

Feb 1, The Red Rattler, Faversham St, Marrickville, $tba,

The Hypnotiser out now via MGM

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